Welcome to TYSL!

Timberlane Youth Soccer League proudly serves the children from Sandown, Plaistow, Atkinson, Danville, and surrounding areas.

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TYSL Merchandise

The merchandise store is open through May 16th. (https://www.rockinghamteamwear.com/timberlane-youth-soccer.html)

News – March 16, 2020

* U10-U12 Evaluation (originally April 4th) is cancelled.  Teams will be formed as evenly as possible based on coach recommendations and parent feedback.

* Coaches Meeting (originally April 11th) is cancelled.  Coaching information and rosters will be sent electronically, and uniform pickup will be scheduled.

* At this point, we still plan to start our games on April 18th, but that could change due to social restrictions (or weather).  We will follow guidelines set by the state, the schools, and US Soccer.  Should our season need to shorten significantly or be cancelled, will promptly issue appropriate refunds.  We are planning for the worst but hoping for the best!

* TYSL is run by volunteers, and we need parents to coach teams (especially in U4-U8).
If you can coach or assist, please sign up ASAP so we know who you are!
The link to register as a COACH is here: https://www.timberlaneyouthsoccer.org/register/

* Speaking of volunteers…  we really need a Treasurer!  Our current Treasurer would guide you.  The role involves a few hours a month, and less off-season.  Let us know if you can help!

* Starting this season, we will be playing smaller-sided games U14+ to have smaller divisions.  This is our current plan by age of birth, based on the number of players in each age (though this could change, as registrations finalize):
2009-2011  U11  7v7
2006-2009  U14  9v9  (2009 will be split based on coach recommendations)
2001-2005  U19  9v9

Feel free to contact us with any questions.


There are a lot of pieces to put together to offer recreational soccer to almost 400 children, and it’s all run by a handful of volunteers. Many of us have been doing this for a long time, and our kids are getting older and older. If you are interested in getting more involved, please let us know!

2020 Elections

At the January meeting, elections were held.

2020 TYSL Officers
President – Erika Lowrey
Vice President – David Reynolds
Secretary – Rob Liberatore
Treasurer – (OPEN) Carolanne Olsen

2020 TYSL Board Members
Erin Drislane
David Drislane
Lisa Costa
Katie Husson
David Quinney
Josh Currier

2020 Division Coordinators

In order to provide timely responses, TYSL has set up separate e-mails for the Division Coordinators.  Please send any questions you have to the Coordinator for the division which your child is registered.

U4 Coordinator – Peter Breed

U6 Coordinator – Katie Husson & Julie Healey

U8 Coordinator – Peter Breed

U10 Coordinator – Rob Liberatore & Chris Bourque

U12 Coordinator – Katie Husson

U14 Coordinator – David Reynolds

U19 Coordinator – Rob Liberatore