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Zach’s Law – The reason our goals MUST be weighed down with sandbags

Soccer Training Videos Link 
Coaches and Parents here is a great website that provides visual examples of the drills used by soccer organizations throughout the world.  These drills are categorized at Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels.  This website is a nice tool to utilize in order to better structure practices and give both new coaches, veteran coaches and parents a fresh look at the game of soccer.

Terrific Resource for Coaches! 
Mark Ruest, NHSA Director of Coaching, has put together a website with an abundance of information for coaches, players, and parents. Just click on the article title to go to the website.

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TYSL Parents & Players Information


  1. ALL PLAYERS MUST have shin guards AND covered by socks, regardless of age.  Players CAN NOT play a game without  shin guards!
  2. NO jewelry.  Earrings must be removed, NOT only covered with a band-aid.  The only Exceptions are medical ID bracelets (they need to be taped down).
  3. U4/U6: Sneakers Only.  U8/U10/U12/U14/U16: Soccer cleats or sneakers only. (See TYSL website under FAQ for examples of acceptable cleats.)
  4. NO ONE should coach or stand behind the goalie or end line (goal line). This includes coaches, spectators and parents.
  5. NO slide tackling.
  6. ONLY players and coaches/assistants are allowed in the bench area. ALL spectators should be on opposite side of field from players.
  7. NO brimmed hats.
  8. NO hooded sweatshirts.
  9. Foul Language is NOT permitted on the field and could result in your removal from the game.
  10. Players need to arrive 15 minutes before their game time. Players arriving late will not be able to play until the beginning of the next quarter or half (This will allow the referee to check for proper equipment).
  11. Please dispose of your garbage into the trash receptacles.
  12. NO dogs inside the fenced area (town field rules).