TYSL Referee Information

TYSL is a Recreational soccer league, with referees running games from U8 through U19. Games are played on Saturdays, usually in the morning and early afternoon hours at two separate fields.

U8 games are played at Ed Garvey Recreational Facility in Sandown.
U10, U12, U15, U19 games are played at Woodlock Park in Atkinson.
Directions can be found on our website (timberlaneyouthsoccer.org/schedules/directions-to-fields).

To Referee for TYSL:

Be at least 13 years old.

Take the NH referee certification class (first time, or re-certification every year):
– Go to nhreferee.org
– Under “Referees”, click “First Time Grassroots Referee” (or “Recertifying Grassroots Referee” in subsequent years)
– The cost is ~$100 (or ~$50 for recertification) which includes an online course/test and in-person training (first time)
(if you want to be a referee but cannot afford the required certification, TYSL may provide financial assistance – please contact nhtysl@timberlaneyouthsoccer.org for more information)
– Classes typically run February through April, and sometimes have summer sessions

Register as a Referee with TYSL, at least 3 weeks before each season starts:
Login to your referee account on GotSoccer.com (choose GotSoccer Classic, not GotSport) …
– Register for the current TYSL season:
Under Events, Search Events, look for “TYSL”, then “Register for Event”
Under Assignors, make sure Erika Lundin is checked for the Upcoming Event
– Fill in ALL your availability (blackout dates/times that you cannot work)
– Enter your age group and position preferences
(note that in order to ref U8 games, Center must NOT be “Unpreferred”)

– Submit the Medical Release Form (if under 18 years old, valid for one year)

– Complete a Risk Management Background Check (if at least 18 years old)

Become familiar with TYSL-specific rules in the division manual
(found on timberlaneyouthsoccer.org/coaches-parents)

Have the proper gear:
– Yellow referee shirt (recommend short sleeve for when it’s hot out)
– Black referee shorts
– Black white-stripe referee socks
– Whistle
– Flags (any style)
– Yellow and red cards
(starter kits are usually available with all the above for ~$70)
– Time keeper (watch or other timer, not a phone)
– Black (or mostly black) sneakers or cleat

Recommended for cold days:
– Black pants
– Black thermal shirt or sweatshirt (worn under ref shirt)
– Black gloves
Where to shop: Stores like Suley’s in Manchester, or online sites like refereestore.com

If your availability changes:
Enter it in your GotSoccer account (ideally at least 2 weeks before each game)

As games are assigned to you:
Accept or Reject games as soon as you can
(if you do not Accept a game, the system WILL NOT let you be paid)
Note that typically newer referees will start with U8 games, then progress to U12+ Assistant, then to U10+ Center Ref.
Notify the Referee Coordinator (Assignor) immediately of any scheduling issues.

On game day:
Wear/bring the proper gear.
Arrive 15 minutes early, and check the field for safety.
Introduce yourself to the coaches, and check in the teams.
Start the game on time (if a game needs to start late, reduce the playing time).
Notify the Referee Coordinator (Assignor) of any game concerns.

Referee pay per game:
U8 : $30
U10 : $35
U12-U19 assistant : $28
U12-U19 center : $45

Referees are mailed a check every 2 games.