TYSL Referee Information

TYSL is a Recreational soccer league for kids aged 3-19. Games are played on Saturdays, usually in the morning and early afternoon hours at two separate fields. Direction links can be found on our website.

  • U8 games are played at Ed Garvey Recreational Facility in Sandown
  • U10, U14, U14, U19 games are played at Woodlock Park in Atkinson

To Referee for TYSL:

  1. Be at least 12 years old.
  2. Take the NH referee certification class (first time, or re-certification every year):

– Go to nhreferee.net
– On the left, under “Instruction”, find and complete a Grade 8 class by clicking:
“New Referee Training” (first time, ~$105)
OR   “In Service Training” (re-certification, ~$55)
(classes typically start about 4 months before each season starts)

  1. Register as a Referee with TYSL, at least 3 weeks before each season starts:

– Login to your referee account on GotSoccer.com
(go to Login, Referees and Assignors)
(first time – create an account)
– Go to the TYSL season:
TYSL Spring 2018:  http://www.gotsport.com/asp/officials/register.asp?EventID=65220
OR   under Events, Search Events, look for “TYSL”
– Select Erika Lowrey as the Assignor
– Fill in ALL your availability (blackout dates/times that you cannot work)
– Enter your age group and position preferences
(note that in order to ref U8 games, Center must NOT be “Unpreferred”)
– Complete a Risk Management Background Check
(if at least 18 years old)

  1. Submit the Medical Waiver Form:

– On timberlaneyouthsoccer.org, under Referees
(if under 18 years old)
(valid for one year)

  1. Attend the mandatory referee meeting each season:
    – Spring 2018:  Saturday April 7 from 10:30-11:00 at Ed Garvey Recreational Facility in Sandown
    (this meeting will cover general rules for the league, and answer any questions you might have)
  1. Become familiar with TYSL-specific rules in the Referee Manual:

– On timberlaneyouthsoccer.org, under Referees
(and a copy of the manual will be in the tote at the field)

  1. Have the proper gear:
    – Yellow referee shirt (recommend short sleeve for when it’s hot out)
    – Black referee shorts
    – Black white-stripe referee socks
    – Whistle
    – Flags (any style)
    – Yellow and red cards
    (starter kits are usually available with all the above for ~$70)
    – Time keeper
    – Black (or mostly black) sneakers or cleat
    – Black pants (recommended instead of shorts when it’s cold out)
    – Black thermal shirt or sweatshirt (recommended under ref shirt when it’s cold out)
    – Black gloves (recommended when it’s cold out)

Where to shop:  Stores like Suley’s in Manchester, or online sites like refereestore.com

If your availability changes:

Enter it in your GotSoccer account (ideally at least 2 weeks before each game)

As games are assigned to you:

Accept or Reject games as soon as you can
(if you do not Accept a game, the system WILL NOT let you be paid)
Note that typically newer referees will start with U8 games, then progress to U10+ Assistant, then to U10+ Center Ref.

On game day:

  1. Wear/bring the proper gear.
  2. Arrive 15 minutes early to check the fields and teams, and to be ready on time
  3. Sign the attendance sheet/schedule in the tote at the field.
  4.  Notify the Referee Coordinator (Assignor) of any scheduling changes or game concerns

Referee payment information:
U8 :  $15.00/game
U10, and lines (U12/U14) : $20.00/game
U12/U14 Center: $35.00/game
Referees are paid by check every 2 weeks.

Referee Documents: