Injury Report

Every player’s registration provides insurance through New Hampshire Soccer Association.  In the event of a serious injury requiring medical attention, this insurance will cover medical costs that exceed what is covered by primary insurance.

The correct procedure for processing an injury claim is as follows:
Fill out Injury Report form and mail to the NHSA State Office within one week after the injury occurs
1. Please make sure the Coach has signed the Injury Report Form before mailing it into the state office
2. Contact the NHSA State Office and confirm that the injury report form has been received
3. Keep accurate records for all bills pertaining to this injury
4. Contact the State Office and get the Insurance Claim form (see link below)
5. This must be filled out and mailed into the state office with copies of all the bills from your primary insurance carrier
6. Contact State Office to confirm that your claim has been sent to the Insurance carrier

Coaches should also contact a TYSL Division Coordinator or Board Member so they are aware of any incident.